Drake/Pattillo & Associates, Architects, Incorporated
Our Mission


R. Dean Scott, Architect, Inc. provides planning and design services for building projects in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. We assist our clients in realizing building solutions that serve their needs and are appropriate for their site. To accomplish this goal, the principals of the firm shall be actively engaged in each project. Through the direct involvement of the principals, the firm shall build long-term relationships with its clients. The firm shall strive to provide services that exceed the client’s expectations so that the client may engage the firm for future projects or refer the firm to potential clients without hesitation.


R. Dean Scott, Architect, Inc. realizes that the public has an interest in our projects. Therefore, the firm shall design buildings and site improvements that are representative of good architecture and are compatible with the surrounding built environment. Good architecture is not only functional for the users but also serves to inspire and delight those who experience it. Projects that are respectful of the established context improve the aesthetic fabric of the community and reinforce civic pride.


By consistently providing quality professional services at a fair price R. Dean Scott, Architect, Inc. shall earn commissions. By developing an efficient process to provide these services, the firm shall be a profitable business enterprise. Profitability ensures that the firm can invest in itself and its employees and thereby fulfill its mission.